13 February 2018
Scopwick 2011 Census

I came across an interesting report recently via the Office for National Statistics. It summarises the data for Scopwick and Kirkby Green from the 2011 census. The contents are as follows:

Who we are: Information about the personal characteristics of people who usually live in an area including Resident population, Age, Marital status, Living arrangements, Ethnic group, National identity, Country of birth, Passports held, Household language, Religion and Unpaid care

How we live: The characteristics of the households we live in including Number of households and type of accommodation, Whether owned or rented, Number of rooms and central heating, Number of cars, Household composition, Households with no adults in employment, Lone parent households and Communal establishments

What we do: This section covers work-related topics including Number of people in employment and unemployed, Qualifications and students, Hours worked, and the Industries and Occupations we work in

The data is 7 years old now but may still be relevant and of interest. You can download a copy by clicking here. The next census will be in 2021. Send your comments via the feedback page here

Stephen Flett


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